Sunday, 6 September 2015

Writing to describe

 In High5 we have been practising writing to describe. That means we are trying to get the reader to see what we see, we are using our words to create a picture. We have been adding details to our writing to help make the picture clearer.

Our job is to do this planning and write our own story about a person in our family that is special to us.

Success Criteria:
  • I planned my writing 
  • I added details (what I can seehow my person moveswhat I might hear from my person)
  • I did some fixing by myself
My writing:

How I am going

I planned my writing
Kerri thinks

I added details (what I can seehow my person moveswhat I might hear from my person)
Kerri thinks

I did some fixing by myself
Kerri thinks



My favourite part was: watching the movie and seeing the big fish and it had lots of fins on it and it was very bright.

It was really hard when: planning is really hard because we have to do lots of work before we do our story and I really want to write my story very quickly.

Something that really helped me was: having some plans that we did together so I can copy them.

Something new I learned was: that we add details and juicy words to make our story even cooler.

Kerri Thinks
With support you planned your writing add loads of ideas about the robot. I know planning is not your favourite thing, you want to get straight onto the story, but planning helps you to gather your ideas, add details and make sure your story is in order. As the pieces you write get longer, planning will become more important.
Remember to keep on practising using the stretchy cat arm as you write to listen for and record the sounds you hear in order... when you add all the sounds you can hear it makes your writing easy to reread!

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