Thursday, 25 June 2015

Nga Tae

We started by singing the colours song on our blog
Then in buddy time we shared the big book T-shirts. We thought we could use this book as inspiration for our learning so we made collage T-shirts. Rosie taught us how to say “This is my blue T-shirt” in Te Reo.

Success Criteria
ü  For the collage:
o   Small pieces of paper, the same colour
o   The white paper is all covered
o   Flappy edges glued down
ü  We know at least 4 colours in Te Reo
ü  We can say the colours correctly 

How I am going

I helped create the t-shirt collage
Kerri thinks

1 know the colours of the t-shirts in Te Reo 
Kerri thinks

1 can say the words correctly 
Kerri thinks


I really like: joining in with my big buddies to sing the colours song and to make the t-shirt.

I think I need to practice: saying some of the colours words like kakariki and kikorangi

Something that really helped me was: singing the colours song.

Kerri thinks
With support your group (big and little buddies) worked to finish the t-shirt we used in our colours learning. SInging the colours song was a great way to practise the colours and now that it is own your blog and our class blog you can keep on practising so you know all the colours! I love that I can hear your voice on our clip saying the colours so clearly.

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