Thursday, 7 May 2015

Our School Mihi

My Mihi and Koru art
We use our mihi to introduce ourselves. It helps others to know where we are from and to see if there are any connections. We have been working hard to learn the RSS mihi and have created some art to go with it.

We were inspired by our trip to the Marae last term and the way koru are used as part of a pattern to tell stories. In our art we have used koru to represent the people in our families. We have chosen their favourite colours to add another detail to our story. We chose a background for our koru to help share our connections.

Success Criteria:
  • My art tells a story about me 
  • I can say the Mihi clearly
  •  I use expression when I speak
How I am going

My art tells a story about me 
Kerri thinks

I can say the Mihi clearly
Kerri thinks

I use expression when I speak
Kerri thinks


I really like: drawing pictures and painting. I like at my art on the wall and I like watching the mihi movie.

It was really hard when: when I first started trying to say the mihi but then I got better and better and then I got really good.

Something that really helped me was: practising the Mihi so I knew it so next time when I am in front of a crowd of people I can say my Mihi. When I am older.

Kerri Thinks
You though about the people in your family and their favourite colours to create a piece of art that tells a story. Breaking the mihi into small chunks to practise and say helped us all to learn how to say the words correctly. I love how much practise you have done and that you were able to be a leader to help us all!

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